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Here are some recent case studies from clients who have received treatments or used Jennifer Young Defiant Beauty products during their cancer treatment and recovery

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some testimonials

I suffered this horrible skin for 6 months until I discovered Defiant Beauty. Nothing before had helped, I had tried so many products. I found Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil as some of the ladies on the marvellous Womb Cancer Support UK group had been discussing it. I have never looked back. I have to admit I was sceptical at first, but the oil worked immediately, no word of a lie, it was instant, by the time I had finished applying it, my skin felt soothed, calmer, relieved. Itchy skin oil is THE best product I have ever purchased. I have recommended it to lots of women, not just cancer sufferers, it is just wonderful.’
Jo Holmes
The skin on the back of my hands was so rough and dry that it was sticking up like scales, as well as beginning to split and bleed occasionally. My knuckles were red and enlarged and, in addition, the knuckles of my fingers were very rough, raised and thickened. I'd decided that pockets were the way forward, as even the most initially promising creams or lotions had no lasting effect. I'm pleased and grateful to say that, with daily use of Smooth Skin Balm, the backs of my hands are smooth and soft - no more scales, no more raised and thickened skin on my knuckles, my ©Jennifer Young 2018 All rights reserved hands are vastly improved and human again! No pockets needed.”

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