Delivering a safe and beneficial treatment has always been at the heart of The Restorative Room.  We have implemented some extra safety measures to enable a safe return to face-to-face clinic and at-home treatment appointments.

Accredited COVID-19 safety training

I have completed an externally
accredited course covering key known facts about the coronavirus, as well as the lastest advice on practical things like correct hand washing, face mask use and surface cleaning.  These processes have been integrated into treatment protocols to ensure your safety and reduce the risk of infection.

COVID-19 Symptoms

It goes without saying that should I, or anyone I have recently had contact with, show any symptoms of COVID-19 I will cease working immediately and follow government guidelines on self-isolation.  I ask the same of clients. Please hold off booking or call to postpone if you or any member of your household displays symptoms.

Face Masks

I will wear a full face protective visor throughout your consultation and treatment.  You won’t be required to wear a face mask, but you are more than welcome to if it makes you feel more protected.  I will have available a fresh disposable ones for you to use should you choose to.

Wash your hands

You will be asked to wash your hands throughly before and after your treatment.

Mobile appointments at home
Prepare the space and let in fresh air if you’re having your treatment at home.  Id’ be grateful if you could clear 2mx2m of floor stpace before my arrive.  Unfortunatley I will be unable to help with moving furniture at the moment to reduce touch-points.  If you can, open a window to let in fresh air flow through the room – evidence suggests that well-ventilated spaces help to reduce COVID-19 transmission.
Providing your own towels

For the time being I will no longer be using a fabric massage couch cover to meet new guidelines and to assist thorough cleaning of the massage couch at the start and end of each treatment.  To give you peace of mind I would request that all clients provide their own clean towels for use in their treatment. If you can provide at least one, but preferably two, large bath towels and a small hand towel for your treatment that would be much appreciated.

 Questions, comments or requests regarding our Covid-19 and general safety protocols please feel free to contact me at